Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Role Models vs. Mirrors

Hillary Clinton's new campaign advertisement, Mirrors should have succeeded where Role Models failed to show the detrimental effects that Donald Trump could have on the future and the youth of America because of his poor character and the dangers of having a leader who does not lead by setting a positive example. The Mirrors advertisement ultimately failed because it did not show that Clinton is the positive role model that America needs.

The new advertisement, Mirrors might as well be a revised edition of the Role Models advertisement that she released in July. Role Models did not succeed because it portrayed Hillary Clinton as a positive role model in contrast to Donald Trump. This was not received well because in July, when the Role Models ad was released, only 28%-50% of the population had a favorable view of Hillary Clinton. Mirrors makes the same arguments as Role Models did, and follows the same format except that it shows only young girls, they are looking at themselves rather than Trump and Clinton does not appear in the ad. The most significant difference between the two advertisements is that Hillary Clinton is not included in the Mirrors ad. The most prominent complaint about the Role Models video was that it attempted to portray Clinton as a positive alternative to Trump in the last few seconds of the ad. This part of the video is somewhat hypocritical in that it is saying Clinton is a positive role model and a strong character-ed alternative to Trump at the end of an attack ad. The Clinton campaign's solution to this problem was to make a new ad in the same format but without mentioning Clinton at all. This decision only led to another failed advertisement. The Mirrors ad has no positive alternative to Trump's rhetoric which will draw unfavorable response not only from Republicans and independents but from Democrats and Clinton supporters as well.

The failures of these two advertisements to convince voters to support Hillary Clinton is evidenced by the viewer's responses on YouTube. The Role Models video has 1,283,781 views 11,424 likes and 13,322 dislikes. This puts percentage of viewers who liked the video at 0.890%, almost five times lower than that of the average YouTube video. The video's 46 to 54 likes to dislikes ratio means that it is in the most unpopular 4% of YouTube videos and is about 11 times more unpopular than the average YouTube video. Contrary to the intentions of the Clinton campaign, Mirrors performed even worse. The Mirrors video has 4,717,092 views, 27,042 likes and 45,156 dislikes. While Mirrors has bring in about four times the viewership of Role Models and therefore more likes and dislikes, its percentage of viewers who liked the video is 0.573%, about 1.5 times lower than Role Models and almost seven times lower than the average YouTube video. The video's 37 to 63 likes to dislikes ratio means that this video is also in the most unpopular 4% of YouTube videos and is about 15 times more unpopular than the average YouTube video. Therefore, Mirrors has had an audience response about 1.5 times more unfavorable than that of Role Models. This contributed to making Mirrors an even less effective advertisement than Role Models. Role Models gained 575 new subscribers for the Hillary Clinton YouTube Channel while Mirrors gained only 394 new subscribers. About 0.048% of unsubscribed viewers subscribed to the Hillary Clinton YouTube because of the Role Models video while only 0.0085% of unsubscribed viewers subscribed to the Hillary Clinton YouTube because of the Mirrors video. This means that Mirrors was about 5.6 times less effective at bringing in support to the Clinton campaign than Role Models.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Hillary leaves you defenseless

I am doing the video where it is called defenseless. This is about How Hillary should not be president and how she is killing citizens. In the video it shows someone breaking in and how all she has a phone. It is too late only if she has a phone but if she has a weapon she could save herself. In the video it is pretty much just saying that if you vote for Hillary you will die.

In the video it shows that the women is scared and can do nothing. All she can do it call the police and wait. But, the average police response time is about 11 minutes. That's 11 minutes too long. If this late were is have a weapon she would have saved herself. But, instead she voted for Hillary so what the video is telling us is that she killed herself because voting for Hillary takes away your self defense.

Also in the video, it shows the lady sprint up from her bed and grab the phone. It then shows her go into this box where she has a gun stored. But that gun slowly disappeared and all she had to protect herself was the phone. It disappeared because it was trying to show that Hillary takes your safety and security in your own home. This is trying to get people not to vote for Hillary because you are left without defense in case of an emergency.

All in all this video is telling us don't be left defenseless. And, being left defenseless means that if you vote for Hillary you will end up like the lady did in the video.

Role Models

I am doing the role models video from Hillary Clinton on how Trump shouldn't be president because he isn't a good role model. I agree 100% with Hillary. Trump made fun of a reporter with a problem and he always insults people. The video appeals to Pathos because Hillary is playing clips of Trump cursing calling people out of their names and also puts kids in the video and says this is what your kids will be seeing on t.v. Donald trump is a complete polar opposite of a true presidential candidate because just look at him. He doesn't lead like a role model should. He curses and that just has ethos written all over it. We wouldn't want someone who just says whatever out of his mouth as president. Its just not logical for him to become president of the U.S with his type of personality he has. But because people like his ideas people will vote for him and his potty mouth.

Donald Trump Insulting Illegal Immigrants

 Donald Trump uses ethos throughout his argument on immigration as a way to discredit illegal immigrants and his fellow candidates and to establish his own ethos as the solution to the problem of immigration in the United States. He makes immigrants seem very violent and bad, calling them rapists and murderers and drug smugglers.

Donald Trump's opinion about women

Donald Trump has believed that women are very weak people who are nothing but lazy and overweight citizens. Donald Trump has called them "pigs, weak, not strong, etc." women have been offended by Donald Trump's comments about their appearances, and their traits. Hillary wants women to vote for her because Hillary believes that women are independent, strong, and hard working individuals who want to show men that they are as capable as they are. women always believed that they will never give up hope no matter how good or bad things get in their natural lives. what women want is acceptance, control, happiness, and non judgmental situations about their beauty and appearances. Hillary wants women to think that Trump is sexism and doesn't enjoy the meaning of "girl power" and why women should be as important as men do in the U.S

Just How Sexist Is Donald Trump?

Hillary Clinton nailed this ad. This ad is made for not only the daughters out there, but the mothers, the fathers, and even the sons, because we can be self-conscious sometimes too. Hillary Clinton shows in a short amount of time just how sexist of a person Donald Trump is. Do we really want our president to be sexualizing his employees and our daughters?

This ad appeals to people of all nationalities. It does not appeal to just rich white people, as Donald Trump does, and it also appeals to people of all ages, which Donald Trump does not do either. This ad will help persuade people on the fence, because it shows how Donald Trump does not have a filter, and it shows what Donald Trump is really like.

Trumps Wants More Voters

In Donald Trumps speech he is trying to get the people of America to vote for him by making them believe he is the best answer for this election. Donald Trump does this by saying he will do all these things like stop immigration and give jobs back to Americans. This interest the american people because these are issues that we see and deal with all the time and we want them to change. Donald Trump is trying to get people to vote for him by using different tactics like stating facts or appealing to their emotions.

First Trump talks about what he will do with the government of Mexico to stop all of the drug traffic and all the people that are entering the U.S. Trump says that with the help of the Mexican government he will stop the flow of drugs and people into the U.S. and the flow of money and weapons back to Mexico. All of this ties into what he later says to get people to vote for him by appealing to their emotions and kind of scaring them.

The second point that Trump brings up is that these people that are coming over the border are violent people. Even though he says that not all of them are violent he points out situations where they are violent like when a collage student named Sarah was murdered by an immigrant that came over the border. Now if this actually happened then he is trying to scare people into voting for him because he thinks that this is effective in getting people to vote for him. Trump uses this situation and one other one to point out that sometimes these people are so desperate that they end up hurting people.

The last point that Trump brings up is that they are taking our jobs that are left in America so that the people that where are did have those jobs are now out of work because there are so many people fighting for that one job. Trump says all of this to make you think that this is all a major thing to him and it could be but it could also be just something he is saying to gain more votes.

Donald Trump is trying to get people to vote for him in this years election by bring up a point with information that many people think  is very important. He says that he will fix it and that everything will change if he becomes president. If he does become president then we will have to see how quickly he addresses this or event if he addresses it at all.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hilary Clinton ¨Is this the President you want for your daughters¨

In this Ad Hilary Clinton is kind of bashing Donald Trump out about talking about daughters and women in countries. She is showing how Trump says horrible things about women saying that ¨ I look at her in her fat ugly face and say shes a slob and she eats like a pig¨. Trump should really be ashamed of himself for saying all of those rude and hurtful things when he does not look all that good himself . America needs a President that is calling , outspoken, knows how to keep up, won put others on hold, wont treat higher class people better then medium or lower class, and also won call anyone women a slob.

I also feel that Trump speaks to much without thinking about what hes saying first in other words I think he lacks knowledge and he is strongly unfit to be the president of the U.S.A If Trump was to be president I along with millions of others would be scared for our lives because he would start to many conflicts with other that we would be getting bomb and that would be probably the last few days of our life. Other countries would be trying to bomb us and we would be on larger debt, he says he has a plan but Honesty it does not make sense if he honestly had a plan then he would not  have others making up a plan for him he would be doing it himself!

Also I feel that Hilary should not be in the white house either she makes our country look weak and that we don care about anyone but ourselves she also makes huge decisions without dully thinking abut them she just do go off of what she hears she does not do her research  and learn more about the problems. If she was to be elected for President I would be scared for our nation as well because she would make decisions without looking and thinking them over first .

in my conclusion I think that the best decision for our country would to let Barack Obama stay in the white house for 4 more additional years until we find the right president  that will change this world in a positive way and to be a true hero.

Hillary Clinton Leaves Us Defenseless

This ad shows ethos in it because it create fear to the people. Making them think we are not safe and that we can not defend are self because Hillary wants to take away the right to have a firearm. The ad shows how she has a whole bunch of protection and is super safe from danger. While she leave every one else defenseless. The ad is trying to make us see Hillary as a hypocrite but she goes and has people with firearm go protect her. To me it kind of makes her a person who only care about her own safety and not the people safety.

Clinton Bashing Or Giving Facts...

In this ad, Clinton is tieing Trump to the white supremacists of the world. Hillary is using pathos to make the audience feel a certain way about Trump's supporters. Clinton's pathos is believable due to her evidence of white supremacists associated with Trump.
White supremacists and trump believe in the same things, making trump out to be supporting the whites. In the background of this part of the video you hear one the "KKK" members say this, which makes it more believable. The first concern, is donald trump actually supporting the supremacists in their movement. Why are the members so comfortable with saying that Trump supports them if it wasn't true?
A reporter then asks Trump does he want the vote from the white supremacists, he replies saying he has no idea what the white supremacists are. which makes that very hard to believe, because with history this country provides all the way from slavery how could you not know what the supremacists are? Which brings up the question why is donald trump acting so brand new to this situation.
Then with Trumps new campaign CEO is a supremacists, so with that being said, there's nothing much else to say honestly.
All of this being said in one campaign ad, really leaves us, the people, thinking is this someone we want to be in office soon. Do you really want history to repeat itself even more than it already has?

Hillary Clinton: Can she make our children proud?

An ad for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign was released titled, ¨Role Models.¨ This ad shows young children as they watch all of the controversial and unpopular things that presidential candidate Donald Trump has said throughout his campaign. It then shifts to young children watching Hillary give a speech on TV about how America needs to set a good example for the future generations and electing her would make the future generations proud of their families choices.

To persuade the people of the United States to vote for Clinton this ad appeals to ethos. It calls out Trumps character and presents him as loud, obnoxious, and ignorant. It sets him up as a leader who the future generation would be ashamed of and they would be embarrassed their families chose to elect him. It paints Hillary in a much different picture, as a leader who the children can be proud their families elected and even look up to her as a role model.

To back this argument the ad uses clever lighting to vilify Trump and make a hero out of Clinton. Whenever the children are shown watching Trump, the lighting is very cloudy and gloomy, almost as if to say if Trump is elected the bright days in America would be over. When the children are watching Hillary however, the lighting is much sunnier and the children are smiling, bringing a sense of a bright future for the United States if Hillary is elected.

With the United States getting closer and closer to the day that the next president is elected, this ad helps strengthen Hillary's campaign tremendously by making her out to be a president that would make the future generations proud, along with the many other great presidents the United States has seen.

Hillary's Human Rights Speech

Hillary Clinton Human Rights Speech

I chose to analyze a speech Hillary Clinton made on human rights, or more specifically, women’s rights. Although I would want Bernie Sanders for a president, I definitely agree with what Hillary Clinton is saying about human rights. She explains the ways in which women’s rights should be equivalent to human rights, but are currently not. The issues she was addressing are not issues that we never talked about. One thing she emphasizes is when she says, “It is a violation of human rights when…,” by repeating it at the beginning of each statement to help get the point across. Clinton says, “It is a violation of human rights when babies are denied food, or drowned, or suffocated, or their spines broken, simply because they are born girls.” She repeats the phrase, over and over.

The women have no personal rights; they aren’t allowed to make their own decisions regarding their own bodies, such as the choice to have an abortion. They are often forced to have an abortion. Clinton establishes warrant by expressing her beliefs about the way women should be treated, assuming they do not appreciate or agree with the way they are currently being treated. Therefore, it is safe to say she shares a common belief with her audience. Logos comes into play because it’s only logical that women's rights should be equal to all human rights because, after all, women are humans as well as men. Mostly everything she said in this speech was just common sense. She gives examples of some of the important roles women play, or have the potential to play, in society.

Pathos, is what this speech revolves around. Clinton gives quite a few horrifying examples of the way women are abused and treated unjustly. She paints a picture for the audience that is intended to make them feel bad toward the victims of this violence. One really upsetting example was when she stated, “It is a violation of human rights when a leading cause of death worldwide among women ages 14 to 44 is the violence they are subjected to in their own homes by their own relatives.” This statistic probably surprised many people in the audience and maybe even hit close to home for many others.

Clinton does a very good job of establishing pathos and logos in her speech on women’s rights. One thing she said to summarize the message of the speech was, “If there is one message that echoes forth from this conference, let it be that human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights once and for all.” All in all, the speech comes together very well and practices a number of methods to persuade the reader to agree with what she was telling them.

Times have changed.

The summary is that the television program,  I Dream of Jeannie was an old show that  focused on a genie who had been trapped in a bottle for 2000 years because she refused to marry the Dijon.  Like so many television programs during this time period female characters were portrayed as not having equal rights. Although this show was created clearly for entertainment purposes it showed our society that women were inferior to men and was quite sexist.
An example of the show being sexist was each time Major Anthony Nelson called Jeannie or whistled for her to come to him she would always comply. Throughout the years our culture has changed how women are viewed in Hollywood, Politics, & everyday careers which is a good thing.

How to Become a Popular Presidential Candidate Even Though You're a Prejudice Imbecile (ft. Donald Trump)

It's clear to see the controversy behind Donald J. Trump's campaign. I can't tell you how many posts I've seen saying "Moving away if Trump wins presidency." At the same time, I can't say I've never seen tons of radical Trump supporters spouting prejudice banter either. It's hard to stomach the fact that this man, who keep in mind has nearly no political experience, is one of the top presidential candidates out right now.

Looking at his speech for the Orlando shooting can give us some insight on how he has risen to the top of the food chain. At the beginning, He starts off with his was plan to talk about "Hillary.. and especially how badly she'd do as a president." although he continues on the say that the threat of terrorism is the most important thing to address. He goes on to say "The attack on the Pulse night club in Orlando Florida was the worst terror strike on our soil since September 11th,2001." 

By addressing something dear in everyone's hearts, like a mass shooting, and grouping it with another devastating attack in the past, he is pulling at the heartstrings of people all across the US. After sucking in the audience, he gets to the real point of his speech: suspending immigration. 

"We need to respond to this attack on America as one united people, with force, purpose, and determination. But the current politically correct response cripples our ability to talk and to think and act clearly. We’re not acting clearly, we’re not talking clearly, " he argues. "We’ve got problems...The killer, whose name I will not use, or ever say, was born in Afghan, of Afghan parents, who immigrated to the United States." By mentioning the fact that the shooter was an immigrant, Trump is making an indirect Slippery Slope fallacy. He might as well say 'All immigrants from the Middle East are liabilities.' 

I mean, I could get food poisoning from a piece of cake I bought at a certain bakery, but that doesn't mean all pieces of cake from that bakery are necessarily going to poison me. I mean, am I right, or just crazy?

Another thing to point out is that at that point in the speech, Trump begins to mirror the tone of the impromptu speech given by President Bush shortly after 9/11, which we all know lead to a bad outcome. 

The problem in the USA is not simply immigrants, but the stigmas we have about immigrants. Trump makes sure to highlight everything bad about immigrants, but fails to explain how immigrating to the US affects the likelihood of someone causing a mass shooting. Did we not remember all the mass shootings done on our soil by Americans? It's funny, because on this land, many people who claim to be "real Americans" also forget that they wouldn't live here if their ancestors hadn't immigrated to the US. 

Trump has become so popular because of his ability to connect things that don't necessarily compare. If you minimize his speeches to simply their arguments, nearly no one would agree. It's the embellishment that keeps his radical campaign afloat. He knows how to talk the talk, but at the end of the day, it's about whether or not he can preform up to the standards he gloats about in each speech.

Many Voices Will Be Raised

Earlier this year during the Republican Primary elections, Ben Carson released a video advertisement titled Who Will be President?  This ad starts out questioning the loud and self-centered voices of other candidates.  While these other candidate(s) were not named, assumptions could be made.  The ad uses this to move into why Ben Carson is the most intelligent and well spoken candidate running for President.

The main appeal in this advertisement is ethos.  This ad's main goal is to make Ben Carson's character appeal to as many American voters as possible.  It talks up Carson's image to appeal to voters.

There is also an appeal to emotion, or pathos in this advertisement.  It attempts to project the emotions of security and disgust onto Americans.  This ad tries to express the disgust Americans may have with candidates who have to " yell to be heard" or are very full of themselves.  Security is an emotion that might be expressed when Americans see this ad that shows them how Ben Carson is intelligent and well spoken and is the right president for them.

Why Gun Control Isn't All Bad

In the advertisement "Defenseless" by the NRA, about gun control, they argue that you shouldn't vote for Hillary because she will take away your gun and then you wont be able to defend yourself when you need to, and that if you vote for Hillary you will get killed because you don't have a gun.

The way that the ad shows that you need a gun is that it shows a women getting her house broken into in the middle of the night. In the ad the the women hears the person and gets out of bed and calls 911 and then reaches for her gun. This section shows what the NRA supports.

Once she reaches for the gun it disappears then the announcer says that if you vote for Hillary this will happen to you. Then she turns around in slow motion, which is powerful because it shows how terrifying it would be to not be able to defend yourself. After this she drops the phone in slow motion as well, this shows that she thinks the police wont be there in time help. After this it cuts to outside the house and a bunch of police cars. 

This ad appeals mainly to pathos it is designed to make you sacred enough to make you not vote Hillary because you are afraid she will take away your gun , and then this situation will happen to you. It also appeals to ethos a little because it makes Hillary look bad because she is the reason the NRA gives for why this woman got killed     

After this you are supposed to assume that something very bad happened to her because she 
didn't have a gun to defend herself. This is exaggerated by the fact that the announcer say "don't let Hillary leave you defenseless." Finally this ad shows that gun control isn't good sometimes because if she had had a gun she might have survived.        


The ad released by Hillary is a very powerful ad. The purpose of the ad is to show how bad Donald Trump degrades women and talks about them in a sexist way. It shows different videos of young women looking through the mirror while Trump is talking about  he appearances of women which why the argument is effective. The ad is trying to persuade the audience that Trump shouldn't be president with how the way he talks about women.

The ad appeals to Pathos because the ad used different women while Trump is talking about their appearances to make it more emotional. It also makes you feel bad for the women in the video because what Trump is saying kind of corresponds which each girl and their facial expressions for example.

This ad also appeals to Ethos  because it showing what type of person Donald Trump is and this ad is making his reputation bad by using his own words to prove a point like when he says "Shes a slob she eats like a pig " and "I look her right in that ugly face of hers" showing that he has little character and that he his very disrespectful and rude.

Lastly this ad appeals to logos because it is using facts and reasoning. It is using facts because it is actually trump saying these things. It is using reasoning to show that he shouldn't be president if he talks about women this way and that he wouldn't be a good president.

In conclusion this ad uses all three different appeals and shows why Trump should not be president because he degrades women and doesn't treat them with respect.

"Sacrifices Not Good Enough"

Sacrifice | Hillary Clinton

This ad "Sacrifice" approved by Clinton about Trump mistreating veterans. Hillary Clinton is trying to persuade voters that Donald Trump is a very self-centered person and is very unappreciative and ungrateful of what veterans have done for our country. Her ad is very persuasive due to pathos, ethos and image of the ad.

Pathos was one of the major contribution that helped Clinton make this ad argument very effective. She used veterans to help show emotion then the hurtful and disrespecting words that Trump said. For example, Trump said, "He is not a war hero. He is a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren't captured, okay". When Donald Trump said that about John McCain, it just creates a lot of aggression towards Donald because the veterans do not deserve someone who treats their righteous actions as if they were not nothing. It demonstrates the type of person who does not thinks of others sacrifices as significant as Donald Trump's sacrifices were.

Another way Clinton persuades voters is by using ethos. She is bringing his reputation is down to the point where people realize what kind of person he is. An example is when a Reporter was explaining that Donald Trump was comparing his sacrifices to two parents that lost their son in war. Donald Trump even trying to compare his sacrifices to parents losing someone is completely inconsiderate and highly disrespectful as if their son's time in war was nothing as significant as Donald Trump's sacrifices for this country. This ad shows him as someone who is basically a monster and is very vulgar.  This demonstrates the type of person we would have as a president, a president who disrespects parents along with the veterans were or now are in war.

In addition to the last two contributions, the image shown in this ad made this very compelling. Hillary used images to help lift the ad and show more emotion and point out more clearly the words Donald Trump uses. For example when Donald Trump explains his "sacrifices" he made for this country, an image was shown of a mad in a wheelchair with no legs. These veterans fought in war, losing body parts, being captured, being killed or injured but somehow sacrifices like that is just not good enough. These veterans made huge sacrifices but Trump wants the glory for himself and think that he is that being insubordinate to these veterans because their sacrifices are disappointing to their country.


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Ignorance is bliss for the Ignorant

Donald Trump proves that ignorance is only bliss to the ignorant, to the rest of us it is insulting, harmful, and damages our society. Trump's campaign is probably the best example of this since it based entirely around Trump telling people their business in matters that he has no grasp of, or just flat out insulting people. So far this has, surprisingly, panned out for him and more surprisingly Clinton and his other opponents have only just started using this against him.

The ad uses Ethos most prominently by directly showing that Donald Trump is a man of small character. His remarks are unaltered directly chowing the kind of person he is. The attack on Trump's is driven home by the veteran who explains with his reaction the effect Trump's remarks have on people.

The ad also clearly uses Pathos with the veteran's reaction. The former POW is shown tearing up when remembering his horrible experience in World War II. This has been made more horrible to him when he realizes a man who has no respect or understanding of his sacrifice has become one of the top presidential candidates but also has gotten there through his disrespectful attitude.

The ad uses logos as well however it is slightly more subtle. Trump's disrespect and carelessness towards veterans also shows that he shouldn't be in any form of power that would give him direct control over an army. He clearly wouldn't think of the personal struggles of the soldiers and his attitude that captured soldiers are worthless would mean that he would have no interest in helping them during or after the war.

This ad is a well executed attack on Trump on every front, taking advantage of his controversial statements in an unexpected way that works on all three Rhetorical appeals.                  

I Did Not

In this ad, it states that Hillary Clinton is telling American people lies and she will keep doing that. Therefore she should not be trusted.

In the ad, Hillary is compared to Bill Clinton who was committed having inappropriate relationship with secretary of defense Monica Lewinsky, so she unfits to be president. It appeals to logo that Hillary is also telling us a lie so she should not be trusted. It uses ethos because people were angry about Bill Clinton about how he lied to all Americans. The fact Hillary Clinton sent classified emails and lied to us makes people feel that Hillary is untrustworthy.

At the end of the video, it says "the same old typical politician". It is putting Hillary Clinton down by saying if we elect her as our president, she will keep telling us lies forever.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Trump's misogynist rhetoric: Is this the president we want for our daughters?

A striking ad from Hillary Clinton's campaign ends with a few reminders about Donald Trump: He's sexist. The ad follows images of young women looking at themselves in mirrors or even a smartphone, while audio of Trump disparaging women's appearances plays. Clinton's campaign has released several ads using Trump's words to tell the story. Other ads show young children watching video of coarse rhetoric at Trump rallies, or veterans watching his comments about the U.S. military. Her 'attacking' Trump is something that her campaign spends time & effort refuting.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

An American Family

The television show "Family Guy" is a very popular show to watch. The ideology of the show is how a ordinary american family is supposed to act. Like in the show the husband has to job and the wife doesn't and she does all the cleaning. This is a false statement because some family the husband don't work and they are the stay at home cleaning and doing all the house work. So basically the show is telling a false story in how a american family should be like.

How Call of Duty is True

I think that the game “Call of Duty” partly  shows ideology and partially break it because it shows war as an easy thing to go through. When realistically you have to go through intense training and strategizing, before actually going to war. Although, it does show what sorta goes on in war with all of the shooting and explosions.
Image result for call of duty gameplay

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

J. Cole - Love Yourz

I decided to do 'Love Yourz' because what J. Cole is saying is so important in this day and age. Basically, throughout the song J. Cole is talking about how you must be happy with your life, because you will never know a better one. He talks about how someone will always have more than you, someone will always have more fame. He says, "it's the beauty in the struggle", which sounds kind of like a total cliche, but it's so important.

"Think being broke was better, now I don't mean that phrase with no disrespect, to all my ****** living in debt, cashing minimal checks, turning on a TV see a ***** Rolex, and fantasize about a life with no stress."

He is remembering times when he was in the same position as the people he is referring to in this quote, providing a sense of motivation that life is good where they are.

When thinking about this song as a true story in America, I find it very true. People everywhere are in crippling debt in America. The story J. Cole is telling is too common today, and I think the amount of people who can relate to what he is saying is too far over an acceptable number.

I think the most important part of the song is when he is talking about how there is no such thing as a life that's better than yours, because when you think about it, he is really right. You're never going to experience another life, so the one you're living is the best one you'll get. So it's okay that you might not have the nicest things, or the biggest house, because it's what you have, and as long as the people you have in your life love you, and you can find happiness, that's all that matters!

J. Cole stated once, "I thought that success was all I needed, that what was going to bring the happiness, getting the fame, the accolades, having people say 'oh you're the best in the game.' Then when those things came the happiness wasn't there and I realized why that was."

The importance of money in America is too high. The importance of objects and brands is alarming. America is more about money and name brands than it is about taking care of mental health or inequality.

A Real "Walking Dead" Man

“The Walking Dead” is a show aired weekly on the television network AMC. The show’s main character Rick Grimes, is a sheriff and family man who has just awaken in a hospital room and soon realizes that the world has been hit by a zombie apocalypse. In this episode Rick is shown as a strong, brave, and emotionless stereotypical man. Rick quickly learns how kill what the show calls “walkers” and leads his family and a group of survivors on a journey to find a safe place to live. This episode shows the ideology of what the world considers a man to be.

Beauty and the Beast

The stereotypes in this specific episode was very eye opening to me as a young lady in America. Basically in this episode martin goes on his radio and kind of bashes out Gina( his girlfriend soon to be wife) and is saying she’ll do whatever he tells her to do. He also is saying he has more power over her, plus he’s the quote on quote ¨Man in the relationship¨. Gina hears what Martin says on the radio and goes confront him at his apartment asking if he really felt that way about women. Behind closed doors Martin says no he has much respect for her but in front of people he’s suppose to be the one in charge. I feel like this is a huge problem/ stereotype in America, When people look at relationships today they say men are the ones in charge, they go out and bring the money in, and women just stay at home cook and clean waiting until the man comes from work to cater all of his needs. Also I feel this is an issue that people still see women that way because a women can be way more successful than a man at plenty of things we can be businesswomen and play sports as well how is it a bad image for a women to go to work and a man to stay at home cooking & cleaning?This has always been a huge stereotype in the world we live in. In conclusion at the end of the episode martin and other men have a strike against their wives then later come home and say sorry proving Gina was equal to Martin showing no oneĊ› in charge in a marriage or just in reality we should all be equal.

Modern Family

I believe that the show Modern Family is a true story but also a false story. I think it is a true story because it shows the way some families are. It also shows a gay couple which you don’t normally see on television because they aren't truly excepted into our culture yet. It also shows the way families fight but at the end of the day they all come together and make up. This, also makes it a false story because there aren’t supposed to be any happy endings and in almost every episode there is a problem, how they deal with the problem and some how it always ends up getting fixed. But it is also stereotyping because its pretty much saying that this is how families act and that's how they should resolve it and in a perfect world at the end of the day all of our problems will be solved. That's a Hollywood thing. But, what they do a good job how is showing different people with different perspectives. They show this by doing little interview asides and showing how they feel on the situation. Altogether, Modern Family is more of a True story.

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True Story About Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty tells a true story about war. It is very chaotic, there is no happy ending, and PTSD can become a serious problem after serving in the war. Call of Duty: Black Ops takes place during the Cold War, a period of time in the second half of the 20th century when tensions between the United States and the USSR threatened to plunge the world into a Third World War. They constantly fought battles around the world in the name of their respective ideologies. One way we can see how Call of Duty is a true story, is how in one mission, we see how when they found Fidel Castro, the whole village were going crazy. Then after that they tried to run the Americans out by throwing grenades in the building they were in. According to O’Brien this makes it a true story, it was really chaotic and made a big crazy scene. 

Another reason why Call of Duty: Black Ops is a true story because there is no happy ending. Usually, there is, because the soldier always returns home to visit his family like every other army story. But in Black Ops it is different, at the end of the game we see his best friend dies from a grenade, but then the main character ran to his friend that died from the grenade and got caught in friendly fire because they thought he was an enemy. This makes it a true story because I feel really bad and doesn’t make me feel uplifted.

 Lastly, Call of Duty: Black Ops is a true story because one of the main characters ended up having PTSD after serving so many years in the war. We see in one mission where he sees his close friend, outside of the army, he starts to have visions. This vision show him trying to kill his own close friend because he thought it was an enemy he fought but lost in the war. This is considered a true story because people don’t see the side effects of going into the army. People don’t see what you go through or how you developed the disorder, they only see how you are fighting for the country. Call of Duty: Black Ops is a true story, Tim O'Brien would agree!

Is a KFC Commercial Stereotypical to American Families?

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The Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial promoting the $19.99 family feast meal is promoting stereotypes in American culture and is artificial. The commercial is portraying the classic American ¨mom¨ stereotype,and promoting American family stereotypes. The mom in the commercial is a stay at home mom because she says, ¨I pick everyone up and do all the errands.¨ The dad in the commercial would never say any of those things because he is at work all day. The stereotypical American family has a daughter, son, mother, and, father, the family at the dinner table in this commercial has exactly that. The reason the commercial seems fake is because yes it is a real family having dinner but it doesn't fit any of Tim O'Brien's characteristics of a true story. The family looks like they are having a forced dinner and not really enjoying their meal, the sides are all in nice bowls and everything is placed perfectly on the table. Not only is this commercial promoting American family stereotypes it all contains gender stereotypes too.