Thursday, December 4, 2014


The film 300, directed by Zack Snyder shows examples of rugged individualism, by showing toughness and strength, living close to the edge, and connection to nature. The character of King Leonidas shows signs of toughness and strength.

One scene that shows a sign of toughness and strength from King Leonidas is the scene of when they notice that they are very overpowered and an undersized army but they still choose to fight against the thousands of Persian soldiers. With only 300 soldiers Leonidas and his army fight and battle against the Persians which have better weapons, more soldiers, and more ships coming with hundreds of more soldiers. This was still not enough to make Leonidas and 300 give up. Another scene that shows toughness is they show how it is growing up and training to be a soldier. Young children are forced to beat up and kill each other to move up in the ranks and to get respect. There are also scenes that show living close to the edge. As a young teenager Leonidas is sent to the wild to determine if he should become King of Sparta or not. As he tries to complete his journey he comes across a wild jungle cat. As he fights of the cat shirtless and shoe-less in the snow he eventually kills it and skins it. He then returns back to Sparta wearing the fur from the cat as a coat and is praised and becomes the King.