Thursday, April 30, 2015


Fall Out Boy has been around since the early 2000s and ever since then their sounds has changed, but their lyrics have been the same. In this case, 27 is a poetic song, because their lyrics have more than a literal meaning, there is depth. The album this song is on, Folie a Deux, isn't telling a story as a whole, but each song has its own story and its own meaning. Their lyrics are sometimes difficult to interpret, but this is how I view 27. As a whole I think this song is about their fans. For example in the song the lead singer, Patrick Stump, sings "My mind is a safe and if I keep it in we all get rich" when he mentions the safe, I think of how safes are usually wear precious things are stored. The "precious things" in this case refers to the mind of the person who wrote the lyrics, bassist Pete Wentz, who wrote most of Fall Out Boy's songs. He considers his mind this "safe" where all his amazing ideas are stored. His ideas are what they mean when they say, "and if we keep it then we all get rich".  Another example of this song being poetic is when Patrick Stump sings, "My body is an orphanage we take everyone in". Orphanages are meant to give children a home when they have been abandoned. In this sense, they're talking about how their concerts or their songs or just the band itself can act as a safe place where their fans can come to feel at home. It is there way of saying that they are here for their fans. The metaphors used in this song really create depth to theme of the band being there for their fans and wanting to create a place where they can escape and feel safe and free.