Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Two Broke Girls

The T.V. show, "Two Broke Girls," on CBS promotes stereotypes, especially racial stereotypes. "Two Broke Girls" is about two girls that waitress at this small restaurant in Brooklyn. The two girls, Max and Caroline are “broke” and have to make ends meet anyway that they can. Max is the character that is supposed to be the “funny guy” or the “jokester”. She also the one who says most of the funny, yet stereotypical lines.

Two broke girls promotes stereotypes freely and openly in a comical way. They are promoting stereotypes that have already been placed and also shaped into society.

In this T.V. show Max and Caroline have a manager named Han Lee, he is a small-sized man from Korea. In multiple episodes Max knocks him for his size, but does it with a sense of humor, this making it funny. When Han Lee gets something wrong she criticizes him and makes point that Koreans’ never get things wrong and are very smart. The stereotypes are more placed towards him and his ethnicity, but he’s not the only one. There is also a very hot to trot, Eastern European man named Oleg. He is the cook at the restaurant that Max and Caroline waitress in. The T.V. show has him so that he is always saying something sexual to both of the girls. Which gears towards the stereotype that all European men are horny, and hit on all women. There is also a jive old man that works at the front desk. All he talks about is smoking weed and how many wives he's had. Which speaks upon the stereotype that black men has multiple wives. In almost every episode you can watch and see stereotypes towards these races. There are also stereotypes towards Caroline, a once rich white girl who lived off her fathers money. She became lost all her money and became a "broke girl". Because of her being rich she didn't know much since everything was handed to her. She thought she was too good for a lot of things in the first few episodes. This could be a stereotype that all white girls are rich as don't know anything.

The T.V. show Two Broke Girls is promotes stereotypes freely and openly. Although they do so in a comical way, it still has helped shape society and how people view various races.