Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Family Guy Feminist Critique

Many shows have gender roles and gender stereotypes but not as much as The cartoon show “Family Guy”. This show has shown many stereotypes of race, religion, and male and female stereotypes. Some of the most often shown stereotypes are of the female.replace with better word

In one episode of Family Guy the main character “Peter Griffin” is always doing something that gets him in danger and his wife “Lois” has to come along and fix it. This show that women always have to clean up for men. After she is done fixing his problem, she has the chores one for the kids, beds made, and dinner ready as the episodes come to an end. This shows that women stay in the house and can’t do anything but care for the children, clean, and cook dinner, all while the husband is out doing whatever he's doing.

In another episode of the show, Lois becomes a adult movie star, with her body on billboards, internet pages, and TV commercials. This makes her look like a sex object and shows that men can have sex with her whenever they are pleased. This relates to the real world by showing that women can be shown as sex tool where men can have sex with them whenever they want to. This also happens to Lois” daughter Meg when she is low on money and her boyfriend won’t give her money because she thinks she will spend it on clothes and makeup, so she has to become a stripper and please men when Meg doesn’t want to do it. Even if she doesn’t want to do it, she has too because she knows if she doesn’t she will get fired and will have no money. This shows that women can’t make money on their own unless they get a job that shows off their body and makes them look like a sex object.

The show also shows some brute stereotypes in men. In one episode, the families house gets intruded by several armed masked men. Peter has no choice but to become the hero of the family and take down the intruders. This being a cartoon show, it has him end up winning at the end and Lois and all the kids hug into his muscular arms as if he saved their lives. This shows that if there is anger that a women and kids are in danger the man has to come and save them as if they had no power or were too weak to save themselves.

In the show there are no rich women, there are only rich men and boys. There are some rich women but that is because they are married to the rich man.; This shows that the man is the only one that makes money even though they are rich and all the women has to do is keep the man happy. This relates to the real world because a lot of millionaires and billionaires are rich men and have wives that only stay home and keep the man happy.

There are many other shows that show these few stereotypes such as “South Park”, “King Of The Hill”, “The Simpsons” and “Full House”. This shows that the gender roles and stereotypes have not changed on television since the late 1990’s. This is what make feminist mad, especially when the see these TV shows and movies that have the gender roles and stereotypes.

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