Friday, September 2, 2016

True "American Dad"

There are plenty of animation shows on cable today. However, one can't say that any of them are quite like American Dad. American Dad supports bad stereotypes because the show has many examples of patriarchal norms.

Throughout the show American Dad Stan displays many negative stereotypes that depict women and the roles they can and can not have. In the show, Francine waits for Stan to get home to allow Stan to decide how he would like to punish the kids. Francine should be allowed to make those kinds of decisions and this shows how Francine is more the servant to Stan in this relationship. Another great example can be found in a major promotional image for the show. Francine is looking up at Stan her husband and he is staring off into space and how she is in a position lower than her husband in power roles. Often times these things go unspoken in our society or ignored.

American Dad shows off many negative stereotypes. These kinds of stereotypes need to be represented in a way that people will see that it is a bad thing. These stereotypes should be represented but in a way that is viewed as something that should be stayed away from.


  1. I agree with the comment about Francine looking up at Stan, and how it promotes the idea that she is "lower" than him.

  2. I think that the gender stereotypes are satirical, and that it is showing a truth by making fun of the cultural stereotypes.

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