Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Proud Family

In the TV series “The Proud Family,” there are a variety of characters that breaks down racial stereotypes. For example, Oscar Proud who is Penny’s father, describes what a stereotypical African American male is like. In one episode that I watched, “Puff’s Magical Adventure”, in the beginning of the show, Oscar smells like rotten eggs mixed with bodily functions. He lays down on his couch about to watch the game while others such as Bebe&Cece and Suga Mama’s pet dog Puff, keep interrupting him so he goes on and puts the babies and the dog in a playpen. He then goes off and proceeds to watch the game until his wife Trudy tells him it’s time to go to the furniture store to pick up a closet. He then goes off on her and tells her it is Oscar Day, which is a day for him to lay around doing nothing all day. This shows a racial stereotype that all black male’s are lazy and they don’t want to do anything besides sitting down watching television. Another thing that breaks racial stereotypes is that Dijonay Jones who is Penny’s good friend is portrayed as a typical black girl with a bare midriff and always ditches Penny to do something  else.