Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hispanic Stereotypes In Family Guy

The TV show Family Guy promotes stereotypes of Hispanics by only showing Hispanic characters with irregular physical features and of way of speaking and by the same character being in stereotypical roles such as a maid and other service workers.

Hispanic domestics are a sample of depictions of American families. One example is the comedy show that a lot of people watch a lot, Family Guy. Family Guy is a show based on a white family with different skills and a way of speaking about others and making fun of their cultures or ethnicities. Here is an example of a stereotype in Family Guy, are the Hispanics and how they’re depicted in the show.

An example of the picture above shows G.I JOSE speaking to each other; and if you have seen Family Guy then you can remember how the Hispanic soldier spoke. He spoke with a Hispanic accent. Other physical features such as his body shape making the character look fat, and also have a moustache with long sideburns, also a black hairy belly and black hairy arms and last making them have one skin color too. It promotes these kinds of stereotypes by showing the lack of intelligence in Hispanics and making them look stupid and also with one skin tone too. They also make Hispanics not attractive either.

Another example with stereotypes in Family Guy are what roles the Hispanics characters play in. In the picture above shows Peter Griffin and Consuela speaking. Typically how it portrays Hispanic characters as maids or other service workers. Such as Consuela above in the picture is in a maid outfit and wearing plastic gloves and with a rag in one hand too. 

These stereotypes are not only evidence in Family Guy. Many other Comedy Central shows, such as South Park and Tosh.0, participate in this trend.

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