Friday, February 24, 2017

The Vampire Diaries: The Feminine Stereotype?

    Feminist Critique: The Vampire Diaries

I have chosen to compose on a standout amongst the most well known shows for high school and youthful grown-up ladies: The Vampire Diaries. The TV program publicized on the CW is about a young lady named Elena and her contribution with two vampire siblings. She is continually confronted with numerous powerful difficulties, however for the most part and essentially to the gathering of people of this show, her association with the siblings named Stefan and Damon. Since 2009, the show has placed Elena in a cliché, deceived, and vulnerable lady in-trouble part. Elena is continually in an inward fight about whether to remain with Stefan, say a final farewell to him, or to get nearer to Damon; she is controlled by Damon while likewise being associated with Stefan. Her fascination in both of the siblings is a contention that focuses the whole arrangement. The way that Elena is human (for the greater part of the seasons) and weaker than the vampires that control her life demonstrates that she is placed in this part as the female casualty. She is always writing in her journal, shouting, crying, and moping over various parts of her life that are practically debilitating for a few watchers to watch. It is sheltered to state that in the past scenes I have watched, it is obvious that Elena doesn't have strengthening over her life.

This is show isn't ostensibly sexist, however all things considered, a great deal of the scenes contain subjects of force and control over the female characters. It concentrates on two vampire siblings who crave a young lady. It's genuinely somewhat dreadful, seeing as they are both more than 100 years of age pursuing a 17-year-old young lady, yet that is an entire distinctive issue. Damon, one of the vampire siblings, sees Elena, the primary female hero, as somebody he can "win." He may appear to be innocuous, it can make watchers feel this is the thing that young ladies ought to really need, which is not the situation. The possibility of the "awful kid" coming to spare the "blameless young lady" is to a great degree sexist and uncool, to be honest. Elena needs control of her own life. She needs a man to be glad. Elena is not finished inside herself, she is always seeking inside Damon and Stefan to locate a manly, legitimate part to submit to. She is viewed as the Innocent, virginal character/Sacrificial sheep/Damsel In Distress, who endeavors to yield her own life set up of Damon's and Stefan's. While Stefan is depicted as the "great sibling," despite everything he deceives his better half Elena about a past relationship to secure her. This proceeded with conduct shows a false thought to youthful watchers that it is okay to be misled and abused on the off chance that it is for your own great.

From pondering past periods of The Vampire Diaries, I have seen the specific topics that surface continually: control, control, exploitation, and sexism. The article that I read made an extraordinary point about how Damon makes numerous sexist jokes, remarks, and even dozes around with different ladies (alongside drinking their blood). Damon treats ladies like creatures, not individuals. He regards them as a wellspring of life and furthermore an approach to fulfill his sexual nature. Indeed, even Elena, the young lady his identity in affection with, is recognized easily as a sexual success. What does the greater part of this mean for the watchers? There are youthful high school young ladies that watch the Vampire Diaries and want to be Elena, stricken by both the great vampire and the "terrible kid" one. The male characters are required to thus be solid, unbreakable, and intense. The ladies of the show are viewed as powerless and defenseless. What is that showing our childhood? From my point of view, the media gives the youthful and naive personalities thoughts regarding what life ought to resemble. They hope to be thin, excellent, and impressed them by men with outwardly satisfying characteristics instead of discovering somebody that makes them upbeat. The young ladies watching this show are having elevated requirements about themselves and those that they are wanting to pull in. The show likewise educates our childhood to acknowledge that being the casualty isn't negative, that there is no hope when all goes into disrepair. Despite the fact that Elena is for the most part crying over a few things she can transform, regardless it influences the watchers of VD. The show, all things considered, is not one that I loathe by any methods. In any case, from my point of view, throughout the years, the demonstrate The Vampire Diaries has indicated cliché female parts.

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