Monday, December 14, 2015

Satire on Race

There is a television series called “Fresh Off The Boat” that jokingly promotes racism to the Asian community. Its story line consists of a family of Asian people that moved from Chinatown Washington D.C. to the suburbs in Florida. They opened a restaurant called, “Cattlemen’s Ranch”  and the producers made the wife a typical “cookie cutter Asian” who is a very aggressively smart women. Their oldest son’s character is really fond of black culture and not really so fond of being smart like their younger 2 son’s are which takes away the stereotype of all Asians are super smart. The show basically tries to make it seem like its okay for people to make fun of and stereotype Asians.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Satire on The Simpsons

The Simpsons was and always has been a part of American satire. They use satire in political and humorous views of the world. Usually an episode over-exaggerates on controversial topics. For example, one episode, Homer Badman, Homer and Marge goes to a candy convention. They hire a babysitter to watch the kids. Her name was Ashley. When he drives home for the night he sees Ashley outside. He sees her from behind and reluctantly picks up a gummy ‘venus’ on the back of her pants. Ashley translates the actions of Homer as a sexual advance.  She also shows a campaign against anti-harassment. This episode has gotten out of hand, and also shows satirical humor as well as exaggeration throughout the episode.

Satire Parody

Saturday Night Live made a skit that was related to Isis. The skit was about a dad dropping his daughter off to Isis, but they tried adding humor and kindness into it so it wouldn't seem so bad.  It tried making the issue of it into something humorous but many people had different opinions on how that was played out. This is an example of a parody because today, Isis is a huge problem. It's affecting the lives of people and communities, causing destruction all over the world. People are now in constant fear of what's to come with Isis, if they’re the next city/ town to be put into threat. Saturday Night Live tried making this issue into something not as big as it is and they tried to bring humor into this issue. Thousands of people have lost their families to this traumatic event and there should be no reason to make it into a joke.

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Satire in Music

Maeve Levy
December 6, 2015

Satire in Modern Music

Many teenagers who listen to pop music can become very quickly obsessed with a song once they see it is becoming popular. Although, what most people don’t do is actually listen to the lyrics where you can see these songs are openly bashing the media and today’s celebrities. The song “Royals” by Lorde was a big hit almost 2 summers ago with her catchy tune and smooth voice. The lyrics openly talk about how today’s celebrities are obsessed with materials, possessions, and their image. The satire is shown here with irony in this situation because she criticizes fame and fortune, but the song was number one on the top 100 for nine weeks. Here you can listen to the song if you want to hear for yourself.
Another song that shows satire is one that could be said to be one of the most popular songs of its time. With over 2 billion views, this music video and song broke the charts. This song, Gangnam Style by Psy is a song and dance that many people enjoyed to recreate and play along with, but, what many American’s didn’t put together because of the language barrier, was the way Psy was mocking his country South Korea. The music video shows it more with showing the materialists and fake girls and how money obsessed everyone seems to be. This shows satire very clearly because it is a very exaggerated song and video exposing and criticizing the country of South Korea.

Hip hop Parody

Hip hop is a cultural movement that formed during the early 1970s among African Americans residing in the South Bronx in New York City.It became popular outside of the African American community in the late 1980s and by the 2010s became the most listened-to musical genre in the world.As we all know Kanyne West is married to Kim K. in 2014 and 10 years ago he wrote a song called gold digger and as i listen to again in 2015 it seems that he rapped his future...don't you think listen to it Now let's analyze it ¨My psychic told me she have a** like Serena Trina, Jennifer Lopez..¨ now let's take a good look 👀👀
(sip my tea) interesting very interesting. Now the title gold digger!The next shocking line ¨if you fuc**** with this girl you better be paid¨. we all remember Chris Humphries the basketball player for the who played for the Brooklyn nets(at the time) who loved his dear beloved wife aww<3. Well that 2 million dollar ring that she didn't want to give up because its ¨apart of her net worth¨(for a marriage that only lasted 72 hours) wow now i know i don't have to explain. Kanyne don't care he'll still love her,buts that's none of my business ☕️ i already know what's next 1:01😂😂

Teenage Satire

The Wayans' family had already made the 1990s one of the funniest decades with their light comedy and multiple TV shows. The upped themselves the very next year with the first iconic movie that started the series, Scary Movie. The movie is a funny take on multiple movies of the time, horror or non horror. The movie stars a group of young teens who, in the previous year, had accidentally killed a man and are now be killed. The whole scary movie series uses parody to make you laugh and have an underlying meaning. The scary movie in most people's eyes is seen making fun of the teenage horror genre but scary movie is showing how pathetic and sad the horror genre has come. Horror movies back in the day were not only scary but iconic. I see this movie pointing out how silly and unoriginal the newer horror movies are.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Modern Satire

Satire is used in social media, advertisements, television shows and even propaganda and some art. The Daily Show, which was stared by John Stewart, but recently retired from the position, expresses a lot of satire. This show is not popular with teens and children considering that most of the jokes used are written catered to an audience that is older and have advanced knowledge on contemporary politics. Satire, which is, the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues, according to (  is the main soft spot for the viewers. John Stewart delivered the jokes in an extremely funny attitude and created many that ridicule politicians. As many think in the United States, the normal news shows are idiotic, bias, and consistently focus on violence. Watching The Daily Show is like taking a brief break from listening to the normal news to laugh at modern politics. This is how more and more young adults are getting the news through shows that use satire.
by Cal Venerus

Satire On Race-Jasmyn Peterson

There was a video called "White Squad" that promoted hilarious and sarcastic satire. It was about a group of white people that offers their help to people of color and hispanics to get the same privileges as the whites. They would help them get a cabs, better jobs, better homes, basically better opportunities as a whole. It was funny because the tone of his voice made it seem like he was joking, and he also made it seem like he was being dramatic.  They  made the point of the video seem like it was made to help people but in reality, it was throwing shade. It was indicating that the only right race to be is white because everything is better that way. They also tried to manipulate the audience to believe that they were being helpful but in all honesty it was a way of being nice but nasty.

Satire on family guy

          Family guy is a very funny television show that was created by Seth Macfarlane aired its first episode on Jan 31,1999. The Main characters of this show is the Griffin family who includes the parents Peter and Lois, their children Meg, Chris, Stewie and their talking dog Brian. This show is known to be using satirical humor which not only aims fun at political figures or stereotypes but is aimed to bring about the issues in today’s society. For example In episode fourteen of season two the show introduced peer pressure and drugs. Meg sees a girl named Lisa, also the girl who bullies her, doing toad behind the school with all of the popular kids. Lisa bullies Meg some more when she finds out that Meg does not do drugs. Meg however, wants to become popular and is peer pressured into holding drugs for them in order to get a date to the Winter Snow Ball that week. It goes to show that this sitcom also addresses important issues that our society faces especially among teens. Although there are multiple instances of satire, it does not get rid of the importance of this issue. Besides that is an aspect of satire is to use jokes to bring these issues in the light.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Saturday Night Live Satire---Natalie Rumoro

Saturday Night live is a T.V show that was created by Lorne Michaels. SNL (Saturday night live) has been airing since the fall of 1975, and nothing has changed, SNL is full of comedy. The comedy that is shown is usually focused of politics and culture. Sometimes they take serious topics and turn them into jokes, such as using satire, a long with a ton of sarcasm. Other times the show comes up with their own topics and performs skits. In many cases this show has also taken popular T.V shows that catch the viewers attention, and do a reenactment on the show using satire. Saturday night live is constantly taking racial aspects, funny topics already, and changes them into a comedy, or a parody of their own. Each episode that is shown has a celebrity guest, and they join in the annual way the show always has opened. This show has actually become so popular in America that many different countries such as Germany, Spain, South Korea, Japan, and Canada, all have their own version of SNL. All of them are comedy shows as well. One of the skits that took place and shows satire was when Amy Schumer took gun enthusiasts and turned it into a parody. Things like this are done because they take a serious topic and it is easier to get across the message to people if they turn around what is actually happening and turn it into a comedy. This makes it easier for people to understand what is actually going on, and in an interesting way. Above is a video showing Amy with the gun laws. This skit is showing one problem that we are facing, with everyone's different opinions on it, and changing it around for people to see it in a more enjoyable way that they can connect to.