Thursday, March 26, 2015

Feminist Critique

Throughout the world, stereotypes place men in category and men women in another. These stereotypical roles often limit abilities, that however is not the case in this episode of the Boondocks. The episode shows how men need women as much as women need men. It breaks the housewife stereotype because the woman in this episode is very independent and can take care of a man if she pleases. It’s also shows the typical male views of a female, which isn't always right. This is promoting the feminist ideology, by showing how men depend on women, women are as independent as men, and women aren't helpless.

In the beginning of the show, Robert was very upset at the fact he couldn't find a stable relationship. He even deleted his Facebook because he couldn't deal with not having a woman in his life. He really needed a woman’s presence to not only make him happy, but to be comfortable being a man. This shows how much he needed a woman, although men are seen as strong independent, financially stable people, he still needed her in order to feel needed in the world. Another example is when they were at the park and he was telling Uncle Ruckus and Tom, what type of woman he wants, and Ms. Ebony Brown came running by who was a perfect woman for him. This not only made him happy, but he had a new purpose and that was to get Ms.Brown. This shows how dependent a man can be on a woman even if he has everything, he still needs a woman’s love. Men aren't just dependent in women in this show, women are also very independent.

The women in the episode, Ms.Ebony Brown, was all alone and didn't need a man. She was financially stable, she even asked Robert out on a date, and she paid for a meal, which Robert himself thought was very expensive. This shows that women are independent and can do for themselves and don’t need men to do everything for them and the family, like it was stated in the old times. Ms. Brown also took a job in Africa at the end of the episode where she left and Robert came chasing after her. He felt so hurt that she was gone, and the entire time she wasn't thinking about him, but the job she had to perform. This really shows her being a working woman who prioritized her job before a man. Woman like this are usually portrayed as bitches, but Ms. Brown was kind a gentle. Woman aren't just independent, they are strong, not helpless as they are portrayed throughout the 20th century.

Throughout the episode it was thought that all the black women are crazy and Robert needed a stable white woman who is fragile and helpless in order to be happy. This shows the dominate male view on the episode which was obviously from a male gaze and doesn't show how strong the female race is not just the African American woman. Tom’s wife who was white, seemed to be the perfect woman, which wasn't true because throughout the episode Ms. Brown proved time and time again why she was not only an independent woman, but a strong one both physically and mentally in order to protect herself.

The world shows most things through a male gaze which is bad because you don’t get to realize how much men depend on the women in order to be happy. They may be sex objects, but the men always seems to be interested in them. You also wouldn't notice the growth of woman and how they are independent, and as strong as men, both physically and mentally. Not only is this a feminist critique, but it passes the feminist critique test.