Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ronald Reagan is the New Satan

Presidents have always been respected throughout history, although everyone knows in their head that not all of the 43 were very good people to be president. A rapper named Killer Mike not so recently released a song about Ronald Reagan and Reaganomics. The title of this song is “Reagan” and it is a single from the R.A.P album. I don’t think this song is very famous, but it was released in May 2012. It definitely deserves a listen from anyone living in the US.
The song argues that the war on drugs which was allowed by Reagan, should be stopped because it’s allowing people in power to enslave people by using drugs as an excuse. He’s also arguing that the drug war was provoked by the US government. Below are lines that really capture the strong message Killer Mike is trying to spread to us.
Line #1:

Here Mike not only argues that the prison system is basically a slavery business, it provides evidence just in case the listener doubts mike. Most songs just make arguments and don’t provide specified evidence about an argument. It’s also interesting because the way that mike approaches this situation makes it sound like he doesn’t expect people to believe him.

Line #2:

Here he gives the listener a picture to look at in their head as they listen to the song. It uses pathos by putting the listener into the situation without having to say “what would you do if this was you?”.

Line #3:

This ending line is especially powerful because Mike compares Reagan to the devil himself. No where else in the song does he talk about religion being the solution to the problem, but rather he insists that no matter what the listener believes, the real devil we should be afraid of is Reagan and other higher authorities who control our people.

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