Friday, May 12, 2017

Ultralight Beam by Kanye West

The song Ultralight Beam is featured on Kanye West album The life of Pablo. I think this song is poetic because it uses a lot of smiles and metaphors and because the song has a deeper meaning. I think the song had very good metaphors and similes. In the song Kanye sings, "We on an ultralight beam/ We on an ultralight beam/ This is a God dream/ This is a God dream/ This is everything". Ultralight beam is a metaphor for the path to heaven. This adds meaning to the song because In Chance's verse he says "Treat the demons just like/ Pam/I mean I fuck with your friends, but damn, Gina". In this line Chance uses a simile to compare demons to Pam form the Martin show. In the show Martin, Martin and Gina were in a relationship and Gina's. In the show Gina's best friend Pam and Martin would mess with each other. This adds meaning to the song because Chance is comparing the demons to Pam and he show that he want to get away from them. Another Simile in Chance's verse is "Tryna snap photos of familia/My daughter look just like Sia, you can't see her." Sia is a singer who doesn't show her face in public, because she wants to maintain privacy. By protecting his family from the press he prevents them from seeing the trouble that comes when people become famous.

Though out the song they sing about a light. In Kelly Price's verse she sings, "Don't have much strength to fight/ So I look to the light/ (War) To make these wrongs turn right/ Head up high, I look to the light." and "Oh, no longer am afraid of the night/'Cause I, I look to the light". She uses the word light as a metaphor for god and by looking at the light she is looking at god for strength. She knows that God will make everything better and that he will take care of all his children. Another way the song uses the motif light is when Chance the Rapper sings, "This is my part, nobody else speak/This is my part, nobody else speak/This little light of mine/Glory be to God, yeah". The meaning of his light is talents god gave,the spotlight, and his dreams and wishes. He wants to make sure that everyone sees his talent and that they are paying attention, he doesn't want his moments to go notice.

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