Thursday, March 2, 2017

Critique of Family Guy

       Many people thinks that a woman's role in life is to take care after the family and stay at home. In the show ¨Family Guy¨ they show many ways how the women are stay at home wife while the men have the jobs. There a lot of evidence in this show showing how the women are like wife/mother while the husband the money maker.
       In an episode of ¨Family Guy¨ the main characters Peter Griffin and Lois Griffin are the perfect examples for this. Lois is a stay at home wife cooking for peter when he gets home from work and takes care of the kids. Lois staying at home is embracing the stereotype of how a women should stay at home. In the show all of the wife do not have jobs and take care of the children. Like when Joe came to town he got a job as a police and his wife Bonnie stays at home with the kids. Also the the show ¨Family Guy¨ show how a women should clean up after the men. Like Peter is always coming back from the bar drunk and is making a mess. And Lois is constantly cleaning up after him. Peter always destroying things and has all the power in the relationship and Lois is always doing what he said.
      The ¨Family Guy¨ shows women as a sex object like a character quagmire is always using women as sex objects. He sleeps with multiple girls everyday and doesn't care about them. It shows how a women are only meant for sex for men. Also in the show when Meg has a transformation and changes into a hot beautiful girl. It shows how she becomes a seductress catching the attention to all the men. Controlling them with her looks because before she was not so attractive she couldn't do none of the things she could do now.
So in conclusion, the show ¨Family Guy¨ have a lot of stereotypes about what a women should actually be like. Like they should be a stay at home wife, they should clean up after the male and they are sex object/ seductress. The show is constantly showing these stereotypes in it and which is promoting a false stereotype.

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