Friday, March 3, 2017

Country Hit That is Offensive to Many Women

In the song “God Made Girls” by Raelynn is a country hit that has some women really offended and has them ready to stand up for what they believe in. The song has some lines that stand out and some lines that are surprising they are in a song in 2017. On top of the lines that stand out another thing that hits feminists hard is that a women herself wrote this. Another interesting remark about this song is that Raelynn herself said “ just think that’s kinda funny because I didn't have that intention at all when I wrote the song.” The country hit is putting women into a stereotype of always pleasing the men and be what god made girls for, a girly girl.

In the lyrics of the song Raelynn portrays girls as being the more emotional ones and going right along with the stereotype of girls being the more sensitive. The classic stereotype for men is they are tough, don’t cry and can take everything thrown at them, this song goes right along with both of these stereotypes. Raelynn sings lines that go perfectly with these stereotypes the lines read “Somebody’s gotta be the one to cry, He needed something soft and loud and sweet and proud.” When she says “somebody's gotta be the one to cry,” she is referring to the girls that since the man will never cry in the relationship it will always be the woman because they are the more emotional ones. The next line that is pointed out is also recognizing the stereotype of men. Since men are strong and more tough than women saying he needed something soft and sweet is proving that the man needs a women like that because he doesn’t contain those characteristics. Raelynn goes right along with the stereotypes that society made and isn’t much help trying to break them down in 2017.

This song and many other pieces of culture have affected me as a women in America in many ways. Not particularly in this song do you see it but in America in general women’s sports is totally put lower than men's sports. Considering I play three sports this really affects me a lot. Another thing that surprises me everyday is how women are portrayed in and through the media. In this unit I realized a lot that women are being used as sex objects and for their bodies all the time in the media. Women, can and should be treated a lot better by society in America.

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