Friday, September 5, 2014

Illinois School Board Hiding Behind Texas's Shadow?

Steven Burgess

Oak Park River Forest High School

201 N. Scoville Avenue

Oak Park, IL 60302
                                                  Dear Texas School Board,
I feel as though you (The members of the Board) don’t take our education serious enough! I mean, altering the American history is not the path to go. We don’t want to know about Texas, and their modified information about the American History. We just want to learn about America and the history of our ancestors, and you guys voting to alter the information is not helping at all! Do you guys do this for ANY other subject as well!? What about science? Are there things, like theory’s and laws that we HAVEN’T heard of? If that is the case then the GED is a joke! What's the point of general education, if you don't know the general history of where your from? I feel as though you guys just see us (kids of Illinois) as people who don't care about what we learn. Well news flash, some of us actually care about our education. I honestly love Chicago, but if we as a city, can't even learn the basics because of Texas, the largest buyers, want to alter the information within a text book, then whats the point? Please change the way you guys make decisions about students over here, your carrying the weight of thousands of lives here, and I’d appreciate it if you guys made better decisions like you guys actually care!
Sincerely, Concerned students from a school in Illinois

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  1. Steve,
    I think you misunderstood some of what we talked about in class. We never said that the Illinois State Board was going to adopt the Texas school books or policies. We wanted you to write to the Texas School Board about what is wrong with their policies. Look at the assignment once again...