Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Many of todays music video are quite the same, women dancing and showing off their figure in the videos. The music video “Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj came out in 2014. In this music video it shows many women in revealing clothing and shaking their hinds quarters. Matter of fact, the open scene of the video starts with two women shaking it. The music video uses the women to appeal to the man's eye in a sexual way, also known as these women are being shown as sex objects. The music video is half visual and half hearing which means that the lyrics of the song are also giving a message to the viewer that they have to be a certain way in order to fit in.

The music video is for everyone to see but everyone knows that the main target for the music video is for men. From the opening couple seconds of the song to the ending moments of the songs it's all directed to appeal to the man's eyes. The director made sure to get women with a pretty face but also good body parts. The women in the video are dressed very similar with their butts hanging out of their shorts and their breasts popping out. These women are all being viewed as sex objects. The women in this video are telling the girls that are watching this to dress and act like this in order to fill needs of a man. On top of that, the actual women in the video dress like so are also being used for men's sexual pleasure. The target audience is the men and the gaze that the men show to women. Everyone in the world can almost say that because of what the women are doing. This is showing that the only way to entertain a man to by having women dress up like that and dance like that. What type of message does this send to the younger girls watching this? This video can connect to the real world because often times in the media women are always being shown as sexy and slim but thick in the right places. This almost impossible figure to get is telling these ladies that to please a man you have to look like that and have that type of body and are willing to show it off.

The music video is half visual and half hearing. If you listen to the lyrics it sends a direct message to women. In the song it says, “ My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun.” This is also sending a direct message straight to the women because its saying that without a body no man will want you. Women have to fill that position of having a nice body or else a man will not want them. Also in the song it reads that, ”F*** them skinny b*****s in the club I wanna see all the big fat a** b*****s in the motherf****** club F*** you if you skinny b*****s. What? Yeah. Ha-ha, ha..” This here is literally calling out skinny women in the world. It's literally saying that if you are skinny, that has to change because the only way you will be accepted is that if you have a thick body in the right places. This connects to today's situation because for so many years women have been trapped in this box where they have to fit this perfect image or they won't be accepted.

To conclude this music video portraits the women as sex objects to the men and the lyrics speak to women that you need to fit into this or you are out. This video is like a two in one effect for visual and hearing.

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