Thursday, February 23, 2017

Dust To Glory

The movie Dust to Glory is about a bunch of racing teams at the hardest race in their series, the race they are in is over 1000 miles in the desert compared to their other races that are only a few hundred miles in a circuit track. The movie shows positive aspects and the negative aspects of the race through many different ways. The movie challenges some of society’s dominant ideologies about gender, while reinforcing others. The first stereotype that the movie presents is that men should be the ones doing challenging or demanding activities for fun. The next stereotype that the movie present is that the wives and mothers should be supportive but should not really take part in it. The movie immediately challenges this stereotype by showing one of the teams that is made up of some of the wives and mothers of some of the men that are taking part in the race. The last stereotype the movie present is the stereotype that men should be the tough guy and aren't really affected by pain. As a result this movie reinforces the male stereotype and the ideas around male activities. On the other hand it challenges female stereotypes and the ideas around female activities.

In the beginning of the movie it starts out by show all of the different men that will be in the movie trying to finish the race and one of them say “let's face it this race is not for wusses”. This is reinforcing the idea that men could only take part in challenging activities like this because stereotypically women can't handle the same challenging task men can. This is immediately challenged when it presents the next stereotype. The next stereotype that the movie presents is the wife/mother stereotype that it immediately challenges along with the previous statement. The way it does this is by interviewing some of the wives and mothers of some of the men in the race. After some time though it starts talking about how a few of them have started their own team to go against their husbands and kids to prove to them that they too could complete it without the men's help. The last stereotype that the movie present is the male stereotype of the tough guy or the guy that does not show pain. The movie accomplishes this by showing one of the dirt bike riders that got into a bad crash and broke his leg, wrist and a few ribs get up and get back on his bike and finish the last five miles of the race without any problems.

This movie would not be considered a feminist story because it is mostly focused on the men in it and the women are there just to diversify the movie a little bit. Even though this happened in the movie it did present some stereotypes that are still present today in our society and are very influential on both men and women.

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