Monday, February 27, 2017

Anime, More feminist then real life?

In today’s t.v shows women are usually viewed in two different ways mainly. One being viewed as a trophy/sex object or being the damsel in distress really. You don’t really see strong women in t.v shows. You do but it's not common to see a strong women in a t.v show. The show I decided to do my feminist critique on was Inuyasha Season 1 episode 7 which is mostly a damsel in distress critique.

The episode has the two main characters Inuyasha, and Kagome the female who is usually the damsel in distress and can be strong at times/show signs of strength. Inuyasha is a half demon and Kagome is a human. Inuyasha is fighting his brother who is trying to kill them both and Kagome is in fear for her life and during this time Inuyasha stands in front of her and tells her to move out the way so he can protect her, and she ends up running into cover screaming and watching while Inuyasha fights his brother. That moment shows weakness in females and how a man is needed to protect them at all points of time.

The work is not feminist although it shows times. Inuyasha shows agency throughout the show too. Another female main character is a very strong demon slayer. She is not stronger than the male but she is pretty strong. Kagome tries to be strong and always ends up having to be Saved by Inuyasha himself. Kagome kinda runs everything else but is not that good at fighting. She is like the mom and the best friend, kind of like the housewife because she takes care of everyone and makes sure they are healthy and safe.The show as a whole is pretty equal, it keeps it as a balance with women and men and doesn’t objectify women at all really. It upholds all characters and keeps them together to show their strength as a whole.

Inuyasha is like other Japanese based anime t.v shows with a fighting main character and the women being strong somewhat and it is also like American based cartoons and t.v shows. It has some type of feminist stereotypes like i said with the damsel in distress and some others. As a overall the Inuyasha is pretty high on the equality scale and not very feminist at all seeing how they play out the characters

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