Thursday, February 23, 2017

feminist critique

     The work of both gender roles have changed ever since the 1960s has begun. Women have been paid less than their male counterparts since men were meant to be paid more. Both males and females have different salary wages. Both are separate in terms of gender, and the type of jobs they do. Men were meant to be paid more than women because they have been working harder than the women. Women prefer higher paid jobs more than less paid jobs. Women had to be paid less because the men were more important in terms of gender working in certain jobs. Females were demanding to be paid more than the males because they described the salary as unfair because of the genders being paid differently. Being a man involves in being masculine, and being paid more, while the women were meant to be feminine and paid less. The jobs represent each of the gender traits of which belong to the men, and women. Some women have better jobs such as nurses, athletes, and teachers. Women that were unemployed were paid much less than women who are employed. Some certain jobs do pay more to women than men. Women were tend to have payed wells jobs to pay everything they need, and have better salaries. in their salary, women are paid less than $10,000, while the men are paid more than $100,000.
In conclusion, women would be willing to be paid more than men in order to have an equal amount of salaries, and no longer have any complaints.

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