Friday, October 16, 2015

The Racism in American Dad

The show American Dad is promotes stereotypes.

American Dad is largely based on stereotypes, which are mostly not the true/good stereotypes.

This is a show that has been out for sometime now, and was meant for grown ups to watch, it is aired on a television channel named Adult Swim. But lately, the show’s audience is becoming younger and younger. Another show that is in the same trend as American Dad is Family Guy, which is created by the same person that created American Dad.

There is a character of Asian descent in the show that goes by the name of Toshi, in which by itself, sounds stereotypical. In the episode, “Best Little Horror House in Langely Falls”, Steve, one of the main characters, takes a liking to Toshi’s sister, Akiko, another stereotypical name. Toshi’s finds out and tries to get revenge on Steve. The way he tries to take, is being a samurai, more stereotypical. If that wasn’t enough stereotypes, like the “typical” Japanese fighter, Toshi did not give up until he completed his mission, or until he was defeated.

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